Hope Works


Our Testimonials

When we first came up with the idea of a project that would get to as many children around the world as possible we never dreamed that so many giants of kids entertainment would collaborate with us, along with invaluable support from incredible individuals. With kids’ anxiety levels rocketing in response to what they are seeing, hearing and witnessing it’s vital that we reassure them that there is kindness, tolerance and hope in the world.
— Lucy Murphy, Head of Kids Content, Sky UK. Hope Works Co-Founder
It’s taken two years to bring Hope Works to fruition, and we are so grateful for the amazing support we’ve had from our partners around the world. They have created a set of films which offer reassurance to children at a time when good news seems in short supply. Children are innately hopeful, and our project aims to inspire them to make a difference, no matter how small, to the world they will inherit.
— Alison Stewart, Children’s Media Consultant and Producer. Hope Works Co-Founder
Hope is a fundamental and powerful feeling that needs fostering and nurturing in every child’s life. Our film, ‘The Cupcake Choir’ shows a group of children being inspired by residents of an old people’s home to act as kind, generous and resilient global citizens and giving back to them with a small act of kindness. The Hope Works initiative will have an uplifting impact on our audience, and we believe children all around the world deserve as much hope that we can give them – and encourage them to continue to spread that happiness to others.
— Libbie Doherty, ABC Kids Australia
It’s too easy for our kids today to grow up with feelings of mistrust, negativity and believing that people are bad.
We want to rewrite that narrative with stories of value, hope, the power of human kindness and that love always wins.
We’re so pleased and honoured to be part of this brilliant project, Hope Works.
— Colin Williams, Sixteen South
At DreamWorks Animation Television, we seek to create content that encourages understanding in others and inspires hope and kindness. We are thrilled to contribute a short film to the Hope Works initiative to encourage kids to embrace their differences in order to come together.
— DreamWorks Animation USA
It’s time to replace prejudice, bullying and hate with inclusion, empathy and love. Hope Works sets out to do just that for our families, our communities and our world.
— Shabnam Rezaei, Big Bad Boo, Canada
I was attracted to the beautifully simple intention of Hope Works’ mission; to spread compassion in what can feel like an unkind world. We can’t always solve a person’s misfortune easily but we’re at our most ingenious and powerful when we work together to be creatively kind.
— Corrinne Averiss, Producer, Stitchy Feet
’The Cupcake Choir’ was inspired by the personal experiences of Writer/Producer, Sharon Murray, who studied music as a child in Perth, Western Australia.

On one occasion, the music school arranged for the students to perform for the residents of a local elderly care home, putting on a concert which showcased music of their ‘heyday’. Sharon still vividly remembers the delight on the faces in the audience as the children performed, and how good it felt to connect with them and bring them joy. She realised that music could be a bridge between generations as it was between her and her own grandparents. Sharon wanted to try and recreate this magical experience for a new generation through ‘The Cupcake Choir’ film.

Making the film has proved even more rewarding the second time around, as Sharon believes that now more than ever, it is so important for us all to be connected.
— Sharon Murray, Producer, The Cupcake Choir, ABC
At Sesame Workshop, we believe in the power of media to help kids grow smarter, stronger, and kinder. Our engaging characters model positive interactions and simple acts of kindness to encourage kids to think about the little and big ways to show compassion and empathy. We’re proud to be part of Hope Works, a project designed to inspire the values of kindness, tolerance and understanding that are so important to creating a more caring, compassionate world for everyone.
— Sesame Workshop
As soon as Alison and Lucy presented the concept, I immediately jumped on board. The collaborative nature of the project reminded me of my experience with Ragdoll’s ‘Open A Door’ series, so I naturally reached out to Anne Wood to create a film for the project. Collaborating across the various platforms and producers has been incredibly rewarding, and I am hopeful together we can bring strength and positivity to our audiences
— David Levine, GM Disney Channels UK, Ireland and Nordics
We are very proud to be part of the Hope Works project, initiated by BBC Childrens and Sky Kids. Hope Works brings together broadcasters and prodcos from all over the world to work together on a series of short films for children aged 4-12.
— Dr. Astrid Plenk, Managing and Programming Director of KiKA - the Children's Channel of ARD and ZDF
‘Rise’, the title of our contribution, carries the message of not losing oneself in the wake of virtual affection but instead turning to real life. Major international partners and also KiKA are committed to this global project in order to give kids the tools to become engaged in an ever changing world.
— Sebastian Debertin, Head of Fiction, Acquisitions & Co-Productions at KiKA
Harnessing the power of entertainment to affect change is a fundamental belief here at Sunshine. The opportunity to work side by side with global broadcasters and media companies to activate the hope of future generations has been an immense privilege and we look forward to seeing the impact globally.
— Liam Osbourne, Business and Project Director at Sunshine
As a public broadcaster for children, Ketnet aims to have a positive impact on society: we want to encourage and support children in all the ups and downs that come along with growing up. That’s why we absolutely wanted to get involved with Hope Works: an empowering global statement that uses the unique strength of children as a starting point. It might not immediately change the world for the better, but it can plant a small positive seed in the heads of nowadays children; children who one day might become future queens, presidents and CEO’s
— Maarten Janssen, Head of Kids, Ketnet (VRT)
For kids in Israel, who grow up under constant stress and in an complex polarized society, we feel a special effort should be made to reinforce their hope for a better future and develop their self –efficacy.
We are proud to be among the very first partners to join this important initiative. It is a very natural fit for us, as we at Hop! Media Group not only understand our responsibility in bringing kids quality content in a safe, non-violent environment,but also constantly seek for ways to leverage our media power for doing good and promoting change where change is much needed.
— Alona Abt, Founder and CEO, Hop! Media Group