Our Hope Works films are all based on these themes


Activate compassion mode

Encouraging children to be kind. By showing them how to use their innate sense of caring towards both themselves and others, we can help them to alleviate their anxiety and resolve conflict.


Little things make a big difference

Encouraging the audience to think of ways in which they can make a difference. No matter how small an act or gesture, it will still count.


The power of why

Get children to ask questions about what they don’t understand about people, the environment, and the world. By asking questions we come to understand more about people and their actions, and by understanding we become more tolerant and more in control of the elements we can change.


Humankind’s magic healing

Reinforcing the importance of resilience. Understanding that even when things might not go well in our lives, we are stronger than we think. We may need help from others or may be able to work certain things out for ourselves, but bad times (normally) get better.


Abundant good news

Although we hear a lot about bad new stories, there are lots of good news stories too. It is important to reassure children that while bad things happen, for most of us they are rare.